Canto Corvino

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Efficiency & Compliance

Private Dinner - London

Regulation in modern banking: Transforming compliance data and processes across the enterprise

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence and automation is crucial for achieving regulatory compliance whilst delivering efficient and effective processes and  the data that drives these processes. Nowhere is this more significant than for financial institutions, challenged by ever changing regulations, continual risk assessments, and the need for ever greater visibility and auditability.

Join our Appian experts in a stimulating roundtable discussion that centers on the transformation of end-to-end customer onboarding and servicing, with a specific focus on the profound implications of AI. Explore the following key areas:

  • Embrace a “Data First” Approach: Unleashing the power of automation and ‘data fabric’ to streamline organizational data.
  • Discover how adopting customer-centric dashboards and AI-powered analytics can integrate and revolutionize KYC processes, ensuring compliance while expediting onboarding.
  • Explore innovative strategies to mitigate rising compliance costs through AI-driven solutions, enabling automated risk assessment and minimizing manual intervention.

Join us for an engaging session on how to  drive seamless front-to-back customer journeys, elevating operational performance, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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